Welcome to The South Dakota


If you are ready to quit, thinking about quitting, or know someone who wants to quit...
we’re ready to help. The South Dakota QuitLine offers two distinct services designed to help
you kick the habit for good. They are both free and we recommend using both services...
as often as you need to. This website has been designed as a resource to help you find the
right services, and personalized support system so you can quit and stay quit.

There are two options from which to choose:

Phone Coaching

• Open Monday – Friday 7am – 11pm
   Saturday 8am – 5pm CST
• Free personal live quit coach
• Free cessation medication (only available with the Phone Coaching program)
• Enrollment takes approximately10 – 15 minutes


CLICK HERE for more information about the Phone Coaching program.

Online Assistance

• Personalized quit plan
• Online community support
• Tools to track progress
• Key tobacco facts and quit tips
CLICK HERE for more information about the Online Assistance program.